Already 1492 was mentioned the Hanselishof with the family Gruber for the first time. Some wars, Famines and blows of fate has survived the Court and has been for many centuries in the possession of the family Gruber.


The Court building was 1763 built as a single roof farm (Construction type: Kinzigtäler House) and is protected with cottage garden and mill. Has always belonged to the forest farms of the upper Kinzigtal. The family fed agriculture with dairy cows together with forestry.

AB 1919 was the first power generators in the town with a hydroelectric power station and has the houses with DC until after Wittichen (has been stored for a smooth delivery in batteries) supplies. The House was originally 1950 as Leibgedinghaus (Altenteilerhaus) built in. Ab1954 the first rooms were furnished for holiday guests.


… Welcome's you to the Hanselishof:
We, Johann-Georg und Ulrika Gruber.

Our children, the two sons (Hannes give. ' 84 and Julian give. ' 89) and our daughter (Linda give. ' 87) is now all outside, However, all three are our support in the background.

Our versatile plant is life for us, Challenge and passion at the same time. In addition to the main pillar of forest, we have further developed in particular tourism as a major source of income.

Agriculture and forestry

The daily actions and our decisions are incorporated in our respect for the generations, that the Court have managed before us and the responsibility, We bear for future generations. Our farm is a sustainable management in the man, Farm and animal in accordance, of course. Of course we do without pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Our forest
is PEFC certified. We manage the grassland since 2005 together with 5 Farmers in the Mountain- and Valley meadows GbR. Oxen grazing from spring to fall around our House. The meat produced according to ecological principles is estimated in the direct marketing.

Environment and energy

With rest- and waste wood from our forest we heat our whole House about a central wood heating of piece of and secure also the hot water supply. After the hydropower 38 Years was closed, do we have 1999 (before the turn of the energy) again built a modern water turbine. It provides the natural power for the entire building, as well as for powering incl. Heating and hot water supply of the holiday house. The residual current is fed into the public grid.

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