Experience our farm

A generous area directly at the Court provides ways to play extensively for children. The perfect track for all drivers is easy slope and running flat out here. There are swing, Bobby – Car, various pedal tractor, Mountain pedal go kart, Roller, Table tennis, Table football, and a large trampoline. A new addition is a great coveted cable car. There's a really big sandbox with abundant sand, a fountain with running water from the farm's own source and permission to merge all! Sandy ware with wheelbarrows, Blades, Seat excavator, are provided for the children.

The former cow barn stands as a play den available. An additional small lounge for meetings and playing borders on it.

An access to the Creek opens up a further adventure playground: Maybe even delve into the ice cold water? build a dam with Papas help or achieve the first success when fishing? Or with the whole family take a refreshing Creek hike?

In our rabbit hutch rabbits and guinea pigs are waiting for children, with Dandelion and plantain to the feed come. In the Deer Park our two Pygmy goats Hanni and Nanni want to be picked up for a walk on a leash! Also the two sheep Molli and Wolli pleased to grant. Then there's still our 3 Cats not overlooked will want and like Cuddles about everything. In the spring, there are often also young like enjoying the attention.

With a Pavilion, Here also the possibility the meeting place offers a barbecue area and seating with other guests. Is given by the vastness of the terrain but also enough retreat for all.

In the large cottage garden grow various vegetables and salads. Here also the fruits for our homemade jams and juices are harvested. The garden door is open for our guests! You may harvest here like fresh different teas and herbs for daily consumption

You want to experience a little bit everyday farm life? Then join us for the early round: It is made fire in the piece of wood heater for hot water and heating, all animals are fed and provided with fresh water, possibly. must be mucked out stables. The Weir and the turbine for supplying their own power are controlled. Early risers are welcome here.

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